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Ignite Your Team!

Cultivating Safe, Healthy, and Resourceful Places to Work

Fractional Chief Well-Being Officer (CWBO)

Prepare your organization for a highly cognitive and creative future by

prioritizing social connection and human skills.

Enhancing Employee Well-being

Fosters physical, mental, and emotional health, creating a positive and supportive work environment.

Working Together

Boosting Productivity and Retention

Improves overall business success by increasing employee engagement and reducing turnover rates.

Promoting Human-Centered Workplaces

Focuses on empathy, emotional intelligence, and resilience to cultivate healthy relationships.

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Coaching, Meditations & Workshops 
for Teams & Organizations

(In-Person and Virtual)

360 Mindful Solutions is a Certified provider of
TTI Success Insights' ever-evolving suite of tools that support the employee journey and the company's bottom line.

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Observable Behavior

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Driving Forces


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Emotional Quotient


People Development

45-90 Min Workshops

Workplace Wellbeing

Topics Include:

  • Navigating Life's Transitions

  • Stress Management

  • Overcoming Obstacles

  • Intention Setting

  • Curing Chaos & Conflict

Business People Having Fun

Team Synergy

4-Part Series

Leadership Development

Participants walk away with:

  • Increased Self-Awareness

  • Five Core Leadership Competencies 

  • Enhanced Influence

  • 100 Day Action Plan

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One on One Coaching

Holistic Performance

Regularly scheduled conversations assist with:

  • Releasing stress in a safe space

  • Identify personal and professional goals

  • Implementing healthy practices

  • Accountability tools

Relaxing Outdoor

Group Guided Meditation

15-Mins Weekly

Mindfulness & Well-being

Participants walk away with:​

  • Reduced stess 

  • Heightened sense of calmness

  • Increased clarity 

  • Increased engagement

  • Improved interaction and synergy

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Benefits For Your Organization:


Curate an in-person or virtual experience for your organization

15 Min Meditation
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