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mindfulness and well-being
for organizations

Feeling stressed

is natural.

Staying stressed

is not.

Let us help your team!

Coaching, Meditations & Workshops 
for Teams & Organizations

(In-Person and Virtual)

One on One Coaching

Holistic Performance

Regularly scheduled conversations assist with:

  • releasing stress in a safe space

  • identify personal and professional goals

  • implementing healthy practices

  • accountability tools

Relaxing Outdoor

Group Guided Meditation

15-Mins Weekly

Mindfulness & Well-being

Participants walk away with:

  • reduced stess 

  • heightened sense of calmness

  • increased clarity 

  • increased engagement

  • improved interaction and synergy

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People Development

4-Part Series

Intention Setting

Participants walk away with:

  • clarified personal and professional goals

  • success strategies

  • action plan

  • accountability tools

Business People Having Fun

Team Synergy

4-Part Series

Practicing Gratitude

Participants walk away with:

  • heightened self-awareness

  • increased engagement

  • improved interaction and synergy

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Benefits For Your Organization:


Curate an in-person or virtual experience for your organization

15 Min Meditation
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