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15 Minutes of Mindfulness

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Live Virtual Guided Meditation
Bring your team together weekly for 15 minutes to practice breathwork and guided mindfulness meditation.  Participants walk away feeling less stressed, more self-aware, and exhibiting increased focus and efficiency. 

Intention Setting

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Intention Setting Workshop: 2-Part Series
Participants clarify goals, create strategies, and employ accountability tools to remain on track and achieve desired outcomes.

Practicing Gratitude

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Practicing Gratitude Workshop: 4-Part Series
Participants walk away with insight and resources that support self-awareness, resulting in increased engagement and improved interaction and synergy. Book time to discuss curating a live in-person or virtual experience for your organization.

15 Mins of Mindfulness
Practing Gratitude
Intenton Setting
It's All Me Course Details

It's All Me
Women's Reset Spiritually, Physically, and Emotionally

This course was conceived from the self-help book by author Vivian Hughes; It's All Me: The Modern Woman's Guide to Thriving After Divorce and is a 4-week immersive experience that facilitates the healing process through mindset shifts and community for mothers who're divorced or separated from their child's father.

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This course takes you on an introspective healing journey that helps you identify and clear unwanted thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that prevent you from feeling whole and in control of your life on a core level.

Create rituals to support your centeredness and grounding; including meditations, fasting, sound healing, body movement, sacred showers, detox baths, grounding in nature and more. 

It's All Me Course & Community

DYNAMIC© Framework:

Decide - Make decisions from a place of power

You- Remember you co-create your world

Naturally - Harmonize with nature

Align - Identifying your north star

Masterfully - Acting from mastery

Intuitively - Hearing your inner knowing

Consciously -Co-parenting synergy

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