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The Key Differentiator You Have, but Undervalue

Updated: 4 days ago

What's a competitive advantage in 2024? 

To be a courteous person.🏆

That's it. Civility.

That's the secret ingredient to differentiating yourself.

🎙 Be someone that others are delighted to encounter.

It's reported that out of 1000 employees surveyed, 57% experienced or witnessed incivility at work in the past week. (Resource: - link below).

Yes, one needs to bring more than civility to the table, but who is eager to work with someone who lacks it? 

Now, for those who want to win by a landslide, here are a few more behaviors that are highly valued but increasingly scarce in this current climate: 

1. Do what you say you'll do (don't just talk a good game yet underdeliver).

2. Offer solutions (instead of complaining).

3. Be open to feedback (instead of taking offense).

4. Don't take things personally (it's not always about you, Otis).

5. Extend grace (everyone is doing their best and has challenges).

6. Be proactive (instead of waiting for someone else).

7. Lead by example (instead of commiserating).

8. Take pride in your work (instead of delivering crap).

9. Show appreciation (instead of acting entitled).

10. Communicate clearly and concisely (instead of expecting telepathy).

You never know. Someone's encounter with you could be the thing that restores their faith in humanity 🌍 

*The above reference to Otis: inspired by my favorite movie of all time, The Temptations, when David Ruffin says, "Ain't nobody coming to see you, Otis." #iykyk

*For more on workplace civility, check out this article by Matt Gonzales

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